The water damage that occurs following a flood can easily destroy a property and its contents. When immediate action and flood damage restoration is required, 24 Hour Restoration answers the call. Flooding can happen due to slab leaks and slab damages, burst pipes, and faulty fire sprinklers. Fire sprinklers can spill up to 25 gpm (gallons per minute) and burst pipes can actually flood water throughout a proper in just a matter of minutes.

24 Hour Restoration is fully equipped to handle every kind of flood response, including flood damage, fire sprinkler flooding , water damage cleanup, flood water extraction services, dehumidification and drying, moisture control services and humidity monitoring. Having experience in restoration site management for water and flood damage, our personnel can provide peace of mind when the unexpected happens.

A rapid response from our restoration facility will ensure a speedy water extraction time and better drying results. We supply property owners with on-site drying services and drying equipment within 30-60 minutes. Using the latest technology to dry properties in less time and with better results, 24 Hour Restoration provides your insurance carrier with complete scopes and estimates for repairs. Our client choose our services based on high performance in the most challenging times.

Flood Damage Restoration Services in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego

  1. Immediate response and on-site restoration staff in 1 hour
  2. Experience in water extraction and dehumidification services
  3. Application of advanced drying, technology and monitoring

How can damaged floors and soaked building materials affect your indoor environment?

Building materials saturated with water can cause further damage unless treated immediately. Damage can include swelling to water damaged flooring and buckled floors and/or swelled planks. As with most organic material, building materials of an organic nature can promote microbial growth and reduce indoor air quality if the soaked and flooded material is not mitigated in the proper environment. Simply put, water and building materials such as wood framing, wood floors, carpet, drywall, and wood and fabric furniture can be destroyed by even the smallest amounts of water if not dealt with properly. Taking the early steps to fix the problem can greatly mitigate the damage.

Immediate action can save your property and contents from further damage. What can you do?

  • Soak up excess amounts of standing water from floors and flat surfaces.
  • Remove furnishings from the affected area if possible, making room for a water extraction work site.
  • Keep all electrical items unplugged and clear of standing water.
  • Enhance the water restoration process by leaving drying equipment turned on and in place. 24 Hour Restoration will monitor all drying and can reduce restoration drying times greatly with continuous dehumidification.
  • Allow our staff to assist in providing you with additional services, such as: contents cleaning, dry cleaning, laundering, repair and restoration of any water damaged or affected items.
  • Ask us for a copy of all documents related to your water damage claim, we’ll be happy to provide them for you.