Orange County Water Damage Restoration


Water damage can happen to anyone at any time. Whether it is a result of a something as drastic as a natural disaster or as simple as a burst pipe, property owners need professional water damage restoration help when problems arise. Many home or business owners dismiss the importance of having a professional deal with water infiltration issues. They think that, because it hasn’t yet caused major harm, ignoring the problem or trying quick fixes will suffice.

Water Damage is a Major Problem

The moment water infiltrates your home or business damage begins. When it comes to water destroying your property, it doesn’t matter if the water comes in from a leaky roof, broken plumbing or a window that wasn’t properly installed. Either way, if the problem becomes large enough, serious safety and health issues can result. Water damage can cause electrical malfunction or fire, injury from falling drywall or other building materials, or a fall hazard. Prolonged water exposure can also lead to mold. If not dealt with promptly and properly, mold can result in serious respiratory conditions and a host of other health issues. Mold is typically considered harmful enough that families and workers are advised to leave the premises during removal.

Water Damage Can Occur in Unexpected Places

Insurance agencies prefer to work with trained professionals when it comes to water damage restoration because they know the repairs will be done correctly. Although many home or business owners can do minor repairs to their home, only a technician with experience can understand the possible hidden areas where water damage may have occurred. If you don’t contact a professional, you may miss areas of your structure that have incurred incidental damage, such as roof decking, trusses or wall members. Working with a licensed and certified contractor in Orange County with a professional service like 24 Hour Restoration gives you the peace of mind that your home, business or organization is protected from future damage that could have been avoided had a qualified service professional been present. You can’t afford to waste time when it comes to repairing water damage. Every moment that your problem isn’t remedied allows the damage to spread or worsen, possibly causing further issues later. Hiring a certified and experience team to tackle your damage will get your project done faster and save you money over time.

What to do if You Suspect Water Damage

Sometimes water damage is obvious, such as when a broken pipe dumps water all over your floor or a faulty sprinkler system floods your home. However, water damage may occasionally give you subtle signs of a problem. Whether your problem is blatant or hidden, follow these steps to ensure the safety of your family or workers and mitigate the effects of water damage:

  • Shut off or unplug any electrical devices to prevent shock or fire
  • Have the cause of the damage repaired immediately. If you need emergency assistance, call a water damage restoration specialist like 24 Hour Restoration
  • Remove any standing water, remove any surrounding objects, and open doors to speed drying and lessen harm
  • If the damage is extensive, have your restoration specialist contact your insurance company to begin the process of repairing your structure

Following these steps will give you a head start on restoring your property and allowing you to resume normal home activities or business operations. The Solution for Orange County Water Damage Restoration 24 Hour Restoration provides quality water damage restoration services for any homes, businesses or institutions in the Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego areas. Their experienced service teams can dry and restore any sized water damage. They have experience serving industrial companies, high-rises, condominiums and government agencies. Commercial and residential customers in Southern California have counted on 24 Hour Restoration for over 20 years to repair their buildings after water damage. They have a large quantity of equipment ideally suited for water removal and are a one-stop resource for servicing your needs. No matter what the situation is, their expert technicians can return your property to its pre-water damage state.

Choose a Contractor You Can Trust

Managing a water damage restoration project can be difficult and overwhelming. Because of the multitude of ways that water can harm a structure, repairing your structure will likely require several separate trades to complete your project. Throughout Orange County there are hundreds of contractors, and it can be nearly impossible to know which ones can produce the quality results your property requires. Having someone on your team who can perform the work from start to finish is a huge benefit when combatting water damage. 24 Hour Restoration’s team of professional Water Damage Restoration Technicians are trained to return your property to like-new condition after it suffers water damage. Their teams are certified to observe all federal, state and local codes, as well as having expertise in Microbial Hazard Remediation. No matter what the extent of the loss, 24 Hour Restoration can guide you through the process from post-damage assessment to completion. Their staff will even work with your insurance company to ensure the most rapid restoration of your home or business.

Committed to Serving you Around the Clock

24 Hour Restoration understands how important it is for your structure and family to get the restoration process underway as quickly as possible. Their technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to meet all of your restoration needs. No matter where you are in Orange County, Los Angeles, or San Diego, their trained Water Damage Restoration Technicians can be to your property in 30-60 minutes to begin returning your property to perfection. Don’t trust your home or business water damage restoration project to just anybody. Let the service professionals at 24 Hour Restoration show you why they have become one of Orange County’s most trusted names in repairing destruction caused by water infiltration.